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Outdoor Rack

Outdoor RACK

  • Can be installed at indoor and outdoor as well(Cooling system with no power source)
  • Waterproof, Door Locking System applied
  • Easy radiation heat through HEAT-SINK on bottom
  • Applied for easy installation technique such as wall, telephone pole according to USER’s requirement

Big Size Outdoor RACK

Big Size Outdoor RACK
For outdoor purpose and waterproof technique applied

Sub Rack

Sub Rack
Small HUB RACK for Network System for LAN
Easy cabling work owing to applied rear door system
Applied Tempered Glass(5mm)
Compatibility by design for IEC-297
Waterproof, Dust Protection and EMI Technique can be applied(Optional)
Elegant design and Safety secured by High Strength AL Profile(AL6063-T5 - Anodized)

Shelf Assembly

Shelf Assembly
Elegant design by IEC Publication 297
Telecommunication, broadcasting and commercial purpose
19″(1U) FAN SHELF with 4 FAN UNITs

Fan Shelf PDP

Fan Shelf PDP
Power Supply : DC 24V, DC 48V
Temperature Sensor
Controllable FAN
Power Source Alarm